Single Door Fridges

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A single door fridge can have a variety of features, and eHome stocks some of the best options on the market. We offer appliances from renowned brands such as Bosch, Siemens and Smeg, all of which guarantee high-quality products.

Single door fridges commonly do not include freezers, but some do come with a small ice box compartment for storing ice cube trays. Some single door fridges are small, and can be considered to be bar fridges, which are ideal for a student’s residence or for an entertainment area in the home. 

Single door fridges generally have more storage space than fridge/freezer combos, and many of the options on offer from eHome have two different sizes of crisper drawers, so you can store fruit and vegetables for longer.

If you have a modern kitchen with a neutral colour palette, eHome has many options in simple, clean colours such as black, silver or white. We also provide unique, funky options from brands like Smeg, which is known for brightly coloured appliances with rounded retro lines. Your refrigerator does not have to be a simple appliance, it can add panache and visual appeal to the kitchen.

Single door fridges are the counterpart to single door freezers, and can be paired together or placed further apart in the kitchen, depending on your design choices. Each model eHome offers comes with high energy efficiency ratings and impressive storage capacities.

If you are in need of an extra fridge for a larger household, a single door fridge is an ideal choice. You can store extra fruit and vegetables, or treats for those times when another salad just won’t cut it.

Many of the models we stock have easy-to-clean interiors, with shelves that are removable for an efficient wash. The interior light of a fridge is an important feature, as not only will you be able to see clearly what food is left, but you will be able to find your hidden snacks with ease.

A single door fridge has no fewer features than a fridge/freezer combination or a side-by-side refrigerator. If you are looking for additional storage, or for a different choice over the usual fridge/freezer combination, a single door fridge is ideal. You can pair it with the matching freezer or choose a freezer in a complementary colour or unique design.

eHome lets your creativity fly, even with everyday appliances such as fridges. Choose from our wide selection and see how much fun your kitchen can really be.

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