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Elba 90cm Wall Mounted Glass Extractor 10/PANTHEON90

- Elba - 90cm wall mounted extractor 

- Finish Stainless Steel & Glass


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Any cook knows that one of the downside of creating culinary masterpieces is the odours that are left behind. Not only are they unpleasant, but the grease particles in the air are unhygienic. This can be solved by installing an extractor fan, which cleans the air by filtering it. These efficient appliances remove airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, odours, heat, and steam from the air.

Elba offers a 90cm wall-mounted option that has two powerful, but quiet motors, perfect for use while you are cooking and do not want to be disturbed. Using this chic glass extractor fan will not only provide you with a cleaner kitchen but is a pleasant addition to any aesthetic.

If you want to continue cooking without worrying about how the room will smell afterwards or if there are annoying fumes in the air, this extractor fan is the ideal purchase for you.


Finish Stainless Steel & Glass
Size 90cm
Controls Push Button 3s
Lighting Halogen, 2×20 W
Version Duct-out
Number of motors One
Duct size 120-150
Min – max airflow 250-600 m3/h
Min – max noise level 44-62 db(A)
Pressure 190 Pa
Total absorption 160 W

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Specification– 90cm

  • Finish Stainless Steel & Glass
  • Size
  • Controls Push Button 3s
  • Lighting Halogen 2×20 W
  • Version Duct-out
  • No. of motors 1
  • Duct Size 120-150
  • Min – Max Airow (m3/h) 250-600
  • Min-Max Noise Level db(A) 44-62
  • Pressure (Pa) 190
  • Tot. Absorption (W) 160

90cm Wall Mounted Glass Extractor Cut Out Diagram

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